Michael Gutland

Michael Gutland
Postdoctoral fellow
Civil Engineering

BEng (2016 Carleton), PhD (2022 Carleton)

Area of expertise

Heritage buildings, building pathology, energy efficiency of existing buildings, data analysis, model calibration

Michael has completed his Ph.D. in Civil Engineering at Carleton University as part of the NSERC CREATE Heritage Engineering Program. He specializes in building science of heritage structures including hygrothermal modelling, building energy simulation, condition assessment, and monitoring. His areas of focus include finding ways to better integrate building energy modelling and hygrothermal modelling, developing methods for better analyzing building monitoring data for model calibration, suitability of thermal retrofits, and durability assessment of masonry walls. Michael has field experience in both the public and private sectors and for both engineering and architecture firms.

During his time at Carleton, Michael participated in some noteworthy extracurricular projects. This includes site recording of the Nyatapola and Bhairav temples in Kathmandu, Nepal; participation in the APT (Association of Preservation Technology) student competitions analyzing historic timber bridges and masonry arches, and the IBPSA (International Building Performance and Simulation Association) student competition in Rome.