Zach Gould

Zach Gould
Postdoctoral fellow
Civil Engineering

BSc (Cornell University), PhD (Virginia Tech)

Area of expertise

Transactive energy networks, wholesale energy markets, distributed energy resources, distributed ledgers, blockchain, mycorrhizal networks, bio-inspired computing, bio-inspired design, ecological modeling, multi-agent systems, reinforcement learning

Leveraging lessons from nature, Zachary strives to instill the intelligence of ecosystems into modern built environments. Since receiving his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Cornell University, Zachary has lived and worked in New York, Brazil, Germany, Portugal, Myanmar, and Tanzania on a variety of bio-inspired, sustainable development and renewable energy projects. He recently completed his PhD in Environmental Design and Planning from Virginia Tech as part of the BioBuild Interdisciplinary Graduate Education Program. His academic ambitions encompass the research and teaching of themes related to ecological networks, energy infrastructure, machine learning, blockchain, horticulture, and regenerative community development.