Patrick Connolly

Patrick Connolly
PhD student
Mechanical Engineering

MASc (University of Victoria), BSc (University of Prince Edward Island)

Area of expertise

Energy Ships, offshore engineering, carbon capture and storage, floating offshore wind turbines, mooring systems, numerical modelling

Patrick completed his BSc in Physics at University of Prince Edward Island (UPEI) in 2018.

In the past, his research has focused on novel mooring strategies for floating offshore wind turbine farms.  The subject of his undergraduate thesis was modelling and analyzing the coupled dynamics of a floating wind turbine farm that implements shared mooring lines.

Patrick started his MASc in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Victoria in September 2020 and is working under the supervision of Dr. Curran Crawford.  Working as a part of the Solid Carbon Project, his research focuses on the feasibility of using energy ships to power direct air carbon capture systems, resulting in net negative carbon emissions.