Owais Ahmad

Owais Ahmad
PhD student
Mechanical Engineering

BSc Electrical Engineering (University of Engineering & Technology, Peshawar), MSc Renewable Energy Engineering (USPCAS-e UET Peshawar)

Area of expertise

Energy storage, renewable energy, microgrids

Owais has a profound passion for science, particularly when it comes to tackling the net-zero challenge. His journey began with an undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering, focusing on power systems, Smart Grids. To deepen his expertise in sustainable energy, he earned a scholarship for his master's in Renewable Energy Engineering at USPCAS-e.

Now, as a doctoral researcher at IESVic UVic, his focus lies in the realm of long-duration energy storage for islanded microgrids powered by 100% renewable energy. Working under the esteemed guidance of Dr. Curran Crawford, his research holds immense potential in contributing to the net-zero challenge, especially for remote communities in Canada.

In his free time, he likes traveling and spending quality time with friends and family.