Integrating a low-barrier drug checking platform into public health responses to overdose

Funding body

CIHR/NSERC’s Collaborative Health Research Projects


Supports innovations in the more technical side of the drug checking project as we seek ways to develop and implement low cost instruments with user friendly interfaces with the goal of increasing the scale and reach of drug checking as a response to overdose.

Progress to date

Instrument and software development progresses with pilot launch expected in Fall 2021.


  • Hore, D. (PI)
  • Dr. Bruce Wallace (Co-PI)
  • Storey, M.A. (Co-PI)
  • Barnes, R. (Collaborator)
  • Cameron, F. (Collaborator)
  • Jensen, K. (Collaborator)
  • Jones, R. (Collaborator)
  • Thompson, T. (Collaborator)
  • Stanwick, R. (Principal Knowledge User)
  • Davison, C. (Knowledge User)