Investing in Police and Non-Profit Organizational Partnerships to Enhance Responses to Sexual Assault of Sex Workers

Funding body: Justice Canada Victims

This is a program between the Victoria police and Peers Victoria focusing on education and support services aimed to prevent/respond to violence, and increase access to support/justice services for sex workers who have experienced harm.

Progress to date: The partnership between the police and Peers Victoria has been established, the training program developed and piloted and a national two-day forum and workshop has been held that brought all parties together to share bad date and aggressor reporting tools and best practices. Peers staff working across the program compile and distribute a “bad date” sheet and work with the Victoria Police in reporting violence against persons in the sex industry and to assist in follow up investigations and justice processes. A report has been written up and distributed to interested parties and a research project application has been submitted to the Law Society of BC to pilot a provincial project to harmonize bad date and aggressor reporting.