Exploring the Ethical Tensions and Professional Implications of Incentivized Health Care: A Case Study

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The goal of this qualitative case study was to document the experience of health care and service providers who have hands-on experience with incentives in the context of HIV testing, treatment and care in BC. More specifically, we wanted to explore the ethical tensions and professional implications of incentivized care, as they emerge in practice, and identify various strategies used by providers to mitigate these tensions.

Progress to date


For an overview of the general findings of the qualitative case study:

For the findings of a sub-analysis on prize-based contingency management:

For the findings of a sub-analysis on the use of food as an incentive:

For the findings of a scoping review on the ethical implications of using prize-based contingency management in substance use:


  • Dr. Marilou Gagnon (Co-PI)
  • Guta, Adrian (Co-PI)
  • Bungay, Victoria A.
  • Murray, Stuart J.
  • Upshur, Ross E.