Cosmology research includes both observational studies, like the XXL Project, and theoretical and computational modelling. The formation of galaxies and growth of structure is modelled using simulations like Virgo, Millenium, and Aquarius.

Cosmological modelling

Cosmological simulations of the formation of galaxies and growth of structure, including Virgo/Millenium/Aquarius simulations.

Contact: Julio Navarro

Cosmic Structure Formation: Theoretical and Computational Modelling

Projects include Canadian Cluster Comparison Project (CCCP) / The Complete Local-Volume Groups Sample (CLoGs) / Local Cluster Substructure Survey (LoCuSS), and Cascadia-to-Cape Town Computational Cosmology Collaboratory (C2C4).

Contact: Arif Babul

The Ultimate XXM Extragalactic Survey (XXL Project)

The largest project undertaken with the XXM satellite, the XXL Project aims to increase our knowledge of the cosmological model describing our Universe and of the physics of galaxy clusters and their member galaxies.

Contact: Jon Willis

Instrumentation for Cosmology

Work packages for WFIRST (Wide-Field Infrared Survey Telescope), a NASA satellite observatory designed to perform wide-field imaging and slitless spectroscopic surveys of the near infrared sky.

Contact: Justin Albert