Post-doctoral fellows (PDFs)

Post-doctoral fellows (PDFs) at UVic make a vital impact by contributing to research while gaining hands-on training in Canada’s most extraordinary academic environment.

A PDF will have completed a PhD prior to commencing appointment, normally awarded in the four years immediately prior to the start of the first post-doctoral fellowship at the university. A PDF, whether grant-funded or externally-funded (bringing their own funding), must be supervised by a faculty member.

The information below is for PDFs, faculty members supervising PDFs, and host departments and research centres.

What's new?

Policy and appointment procedures

UVic adopted an updated University Policy HR6310 Post-Doctoral Fellows Policy and Appointment Procedures in August 2010. The purpose of the policy is to:

  • define the eligibility requirements for a PDF appointment at the university;
  • establish the responsibilities of the faculty member as the supervisor and/or employer of a PDF;
  • establish the responsibilities of the PDF; and
  • outline the support provided by the university.

University Policy HR6305 - Employment under Externally Funded Grants and Contracts is also relevant to grant-funded PDFs, as it sets out some of their conditions of employment.

Faculty members who supervise PDFs and individuals interested in becoming post-doctoral fellows are advised to familiarize themselves with the policy and appointment procedures. Please also refer to the information for prospective post-doctoral fellows.

Policy reviews

For information on the review of the previous PDF policy that was completed in mid-2010, please see the policy review page.

Appoint a post-doctoral fellow

If you are a faculty or staff member appointing a UVic PDF, you should read Appoint a PDF which includes a process summary and links to appointment documents.

Frequently asked questions

Read the Frequently asked questions about appointing post-doctoral fellows and answers to those questions.

Prospective PDF information

Learn more about becoming a PDF at UVic.

International PDFs

If you are a faculty supervisor wishing to recruit an international PDF or if you are a prospective international post-doctoral scholar, consider that getting the proper documentation can take time. International PDFs who are not Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada, will need to apply for a work permit and/or visa in order to come to Canada for their fellowship. Obtaining these documents is the PDF's responsibility and the process can take up to several months or more depending on where they are from.

Fellowship funding opportunities

There are several external Post-doctoral Fellowship opportunities available. All external funding applications must be approved internally before submission to the funding agency. In 2022-2023, the Banting PDF internal competition also serves to obtain internal approval.

For all other fellowships, please submit an electronic copy of your application together with a Research Summary Application Form (RASF) using our Research Administration Information System (RAIS) to the Office of Research Services at least one week prior to the external deadline.  Your academic supervisor must start the RASF as the Principal Investigator (PI) and add you as the Principal Applicant (PA) before you will have access to the RASF.

The RASF requires the following signatures before submission to ORS:

For more information on UVic's external funding application process, please contact the .

Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships

The Banting Postdoctoral Fellowship Program is the most prestigious, and competitive, postdoctoral award in Canada. The objective of the program is to attract top-tier postdoctoral trainees, at an internationally competitive level, to develop their leadership potential, positively contributing to Canada's economic, social and research-based growth.

 Important dates:

  • UVic internal deadline (draft application): July 22, 2022; 11.59 pm PST (firm deadline)
  • Banting external deadline (full application): September 21, 2022; 5:00 pm PST

Full details and how to apply

Aspiration Post-doctoral Fellowships

The Aspiration Post-doctoral Fellowship program provides competitive match-funding for faculty to recruit outstanding new post-doctoral fellows to conduct the highest quality research at UVic.

More details

MITACS Elevate Post-doctoral Fellowships

  • Two-year fellowship valued at $55,000 per year (plus $7,500 per year non-cash value in training)
  • Customized training in professional and R&D management skills
  • Long-term research project with a partner organization in the private or non-profit sector
  • Open to all disciplines

For more information, please visit the MITACS website or contact .

Other major funding opportunities

For potential funding opportunities, see our list of major funding competitions for post-doctoral fellowships in Canada. Please refer to individual funder websites for full details on applicant eligibility, the application process and application forms.

Advertising PDF positions

Are you a faculty member seeking a PDF (either paid by your grant or who brings their own external funding)? Please contact the Office of Research Services for ideas on sharing PDF opportunities. Please email the following information to :  

  • faculty member/supervisor’s name
  • department/unit at which PDF will be held
  • a brief description in an email, electronic document (e.g., Word or Adobe PDF) or on a website (e.g., department, lab or personal research website) outlining the following:
    • description of the PDF position
    • salary/benefits offered
    • details on how to apply (what to submit, and how)
    • the application deadline

Please note that UVic does not have a central posting web page for advertising PDF positions. 

Contact us

If you are currently a post-doctoral fellow at UVic, your supervisor is always your first point of contact for any questions.

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