Contract review process

If UVic is named as a party to an agreement, it must comply with the External Research Funding Agreements Policy, Research Policy and Signing Authority Policy. Research Agreements Facilitators coordinate development, review, negotiation, and finalization of research agreements to ensure that terms and conditions are consistent with UVic standards.

*Note: Adjunct professors cannot be the Principal Investigator for funding agreements. Adjuncts will need a tenured faculty member (associate or full regular professor) to be the principal investigator of record.

Pre-review checklist

New contracts are submitted to Please send us an email that flags any deadlines and includes any draft agreements. Agreements will not be reviewed without the receipt of the following approved documents:

Review and negotiations

A Research Agreements Facilitator will be assigned to the file and negotiate the terms of the agreement with the external party. Agreements may be reviewed by General Counsel, the Chief Privacy Officer, Safety and Risk Management, or Occupational Health, Safety, and Environment as part of this process.

Contract Approval Form (CAF)

Once a draft agreement has been finalized, the Research Agreements Facilitator will email the Principal Investigator with a Contract Approval Form (CAF). Signature on the CAF confirms that the Principal Investigator has read the agreement in full and agrees to abide by the terms as they are laid out.


Once a signed CAF is received, the Research Agreements Facilitator will coordinate the signature process in accordance with the UVic Signing Authority Policy. Researchers, chairs, deans, and centre directors are not authorized to sign research contracts on their own. A copy of the fully executed agreement will be provided to the Principal Investigator and signers via email when it has been signed. The signed agreement will also trigger accounting processes to assign incoming funds a FAST account.

Project Participant Agreement (PPA)

The Project Participant Agreement (PPA) binds any individual working on the research project to the terms of the agreement. It confirms that the individual has read the agreement and assumes the contractual obligations. The Research Agreements Facilitator will provide the PPA to the Principal Investigator and it is the responsibility of the Principal Investigator to return signed PPAs to The file opened by our unit will not be closed until all PPAs are received.

For more information about PPAs, please see our PPA Frequently Asked Questions.