Exams and grades

Final examinations timetables will be posted by the end of October for December exams and the end of February for April exams. The August exam timetable will be posted by mid-June.

Although a preliminary timetable will be available before this date, you are advised not to make travel or employment arrangements until after the final schedule has been posted.

Before your exam

Exam conflict policy

An exam conflict is two exams scheduled at the exact same time. Exams that have been scheduled back to back (9am & 2pm) are not considered a conflict although it is recognized that it can be extremely stressful.

Please report conflicts to the Exam Clerk (exams@uvic.ca) in the Office of the Registrar as soon as possible to determine if alternate arrangements can be made by the course instructor(s) or department.

Exam timetable changes

Students should wait until the final exam timetable is posted before making travel or employment arrangements. Instructors are responsible for informing students of any changes made after the final timetable has been posted.

Academic concession

request for academic concession must be submitted within ten working days of the end of the exam period, to support consideration for Aegrotat or Deferred standing. If you fall ill during an exam, report at once to the invigilator in charge.

A student who completes all course requirements, including writing the final exam, is not eligible for an academic concession. Exceptions may only be considered by the Dean (or designate) of the student's faculty if there is supporting documentation that the student was not medically or otherwise fit to make a decision on whether or not to write the exam. A request must be submitted to Office of the Registrar as soon as possible after the exam and before the results of the exam are known.

Classroom use

Many classrooms on campus are reserved for the writing of examinations during the final exam period and are not available for student use without a formal booking confirmation.

Classrooms are reserved 30 minutes prior to and after each exam to allow for setup and take down.

In addition, removal of furniture from the classroom is not permitted under any circumstances.


All students require a current University of Victoria identification card (ONECard). The card is the property of the University and must be presented upon request as proof of identity at University functions and activities. The electronic/digital records of the student card may be used for administrative functions of the University, including but not limited to, examinations, instruction, and campus security.

Photo ID cards can be obtained at the ONECard office in the University Centre Lobby.

Permitted/ restricted materials

Students should not bring valuables (e.g. laptops, tablets) to the exam environment as the university is not responsible for theft of personal items. Cell phones must be turned off and left with students' personal belongings at the location instructed.

Students may not have any materials nor equipment (e.g. calculator, translator) that are not provided by the invigilator or authorized, in advance, by the instructor in charge of the course or have any mobile electronic devices (e.g. cell phones, wearable technology) in their possession. All materials or equipment are subject to inspection.

Students may bring food and drink to consume during the exam provided they are in a container that has had all labels removed prior to entering the exam environment.

The invigilator may inspect containers.

Personal belongings: security alert

Please note that in the past, there have been incidents of theft of personal belongings during exams held on campus.

During exams, you may not be permitted to keep your personal belongings with you. This includes items such as laptops, cell phones, textbooks, electronics, etc. We strongly advise you to leave any items of value at home; however, if you must bring personal valuables to campus during an exam, please arrange to store them in a safe location.

The University is not responsible for the loss or theft of any personal belongings while on campus.

Exam supervision/ environment

Students are subject to supervision at all times while in the exam environment during the entire timeframe of the exam.

The exam environment includes the room in which the exam is being written as well as the hallways and washrooms adjacent to the exam room.

Students must leave the exam environment upon completion of the exam.

Communication during the exam

Students should report possible instances of cheating to the invigilator.

Students may request a washroom break or report illness.

If there are other complaints with the exam, the student should communicate their concern to the academic unit within 24 hours of the conclusion of the exam.

Regulations governing administration of university exams

The attention of all students is drawn to the "Regulations governing administration of university examinations" in the University Calendar.

Centre for Accessible Learning (CAL)

Centre for Accessible Learning (CAL) offers exam supervision services and secure access to assistive technology for instructors accommodating students with a disability.

Exam arrangements can only be made once professors have received the memo from the CAL confirming that a student is registered with the CAL.

It is essential that students submit their exam booking requests for in-term exams at least two weeks prior to each exam, and for final exams, at least two weeks prior to the first day of the final exam period. Bookings are made through online Self-Serve.

For further information about our services, please contact us at (250) 472-4947.

After your exam

Grade deadlines

Grades are due to the Office of the Registrar according to the following Senate policy:

  • For all courses that have a final exam, grades are to be submitted 7 calendar days after the exam
  • For all courses that do not have a final exam, grades are to be submitted 7 calendar days after the last day of class.

A three day delivery/processing time should be expected between the exam grade submission deadline and the point at which the grade will appear on the academic record.

If you are concerned that your grade has not appeared within the time frame noted above, you should contact your instructor directly.

Grades and Administrative Transcript (Unofficial Transcript) can be viewed through Online tools.

Exam retention and viewing

Final written exams are retained for 12 months before destruction. Exams are stored in the departmental office or in the Office of the Registrar.

For exams stored in the Office of the Registrar, viewing will start on the 3rd Tuesday after the December and/or April exam periods.

See final exam viewing for a list of written exams available for viewing at the Office of the Registrar.