Directory of Records database

Each functional section of the Directory of Records (DOR) is divided into a number of primary records classifications. Each classification is assigned a number. The classification number, assigned in blocks, allows for expansion of the system.

For example, the Student Records section runs from SR015 to SR480:

SR015 Admissions
SR050 Awards
SR190 Grade Reporting

Each classification is described by noting its purpose and the scope and contents of the records generated in the course of the related business activities. The description also notes the primary office responsible for the records, and notes if the classification includes a personal information bank (PIB), as the university is obligated to identify PIBs under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

AD Administration
BP Buildings and Properties
CS Computing and Systems Services
FM Financial Management
GV Governance
HR Human Resources
LA Libraries, Archives and Museum
RE Research
SA Safety and Security
SR Student Records
SS Student Services
TP Teaching Programs

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