Gustavson School of Business: Celebration of purpose

Gustavson values poster

People/Purpose/Passion/Adventure – these are the values of the Gustavson School of Business (GSB), determined by the faculty and staff. On November 7, 2017, as part of Living the Values, a celebration of Purpose was held in the lobby of the Business and Economics Building. Examples demonstrating how people within the GSB work with purpose were shared. The following story recognizes the ACE program as exemplifying the value of Purpose, and how it makes colleagues proud to be part of Gustavson.

“The Aboriginal Canadian Entrepreneurs (ACE) program is a meaningful example of how people work with purpose within the School. The program was first launched in May 2013 as the Northwest-ACE as a partnership with the Indigenous capital corporation TRICORP with the purpose of enhancing the self-sufficiency and full economic participation of Aboriginal people in the Canadian economy by assisting prospective entrepreneurs to start and grow their own businesses in their territories on their own terms.

We now have ACE versions in Haida Gwaii, Terrace, Nass Valley and the Okanagan, as well as a continued presence in Prince Rupert. The School is continuing to be invited into communities to deliver the award-winning program and is contributing to Indigenous economic development and supporting reconciliation efforts. The staff and faculty involved in the program are learning so much from each community and it has been a rewarding experience for everyone. It is amazing to be a part of the students’ journeys and to see how much they grow from day one to graduation and to still be in contact with so many of the graduates and to see them growing their businesses.”