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This guide from UVic Libraries outlines different ways in which researchers can comply with the SSHRC, NSERC and CIHR Open Access Policy on Publications.

1. UVicSpace

Most major academic publishers will allow you to submit an article post-print (a copy of the article after peer-review, but before publisher branding and layout) to an open access repository within 12 months of publication. This option allows you to continue to publish in traditional subscription journals while meeting the terms of the Tri-Agency mandate. To find out whether a specific journal allows you to share your post-print within 12 months, you can search the title at the Sherpa/Romeo website.

2. CARL Author Addendum

For journals that do not allow archiving of peer-reviewed manuscripts, the Agencies encourage authors to retain key rights through the use of a publication addendum (e.g., CARL Canadian Author Addendum) or by inserting text into the publishing agreement, for example:

[Journal] acknowledges that the researcher will be entitled to archive an electronic copy of the final, peer-reviewed manuscript for inclusion in UVicSpace. Manuscripts archived with UVicSpace may be made freely available to the public, via the internet, within 12 months of the official date of final publication in the journal.

If you are still unsure then please contact the library and we will help you to determine whether you can deposit your publication in UVicSpace to meet your funder’s open access mandate.

3. Current Grant Holders

Researchers who currently hold Tri-Agency grants may use those funds to pay author’s fees if they wish to publish in a fee-based open access journal. Open access author’s fees are considered eligible expenses under “Dissemination of Research Results” in the Tri-Agency’s “Use of Grant Funds” document.

4. Open Access Publisher Discount

The library maintains agreements that allow UVic researchers to obtain discounts on author’s fees from several major open access publishers. Please see our website for a list of our Open Access memberships.

5. No-Fee Open Access Journals

Many open access journals do not charge article processing fees (APCs). These publications are typically supported by universities, scholarly societies, and other non-profit institutions. You can use the Directory of Open Access Journals to find OA journals in your discipline without publication charges, or ask the library for help.

6. Future Grants

Researchers who are preparing Tri-Agency proposals should be sure to include open access APCs as part of their projected expenses. APCs vary substantially from publisher to publisher, but a good rule of thumb is to budget $2500 per article.

Questions? Please contact your Subject Librarian

Contact the Office of Scholarly Communication if you have questions on any of these areas or have further suggestions for development.