Funding priorities

Your generous donations help support many units within UVic Libraries, including Special Collections.
Your generous donations help support many units within UVic Libraries, including Special Collections.

Where does your gift go?

The UVic Libraries rely on the generosity of alumni and friends to help maintain our foundation of excellence and provide information resources and information-literacy solution to meet 21st century learning and research. Our online donation form allows you to direct your gift to any one of our current funding priorities, described below.

Your investment is helping us to build our capacity to provide the rich resources our students and faculty need and expect from their academic library.

UVic Libraries Student Scholarships

Library awards reward those students who engage seriously with library collections for undergraduate or graduate level research or assignments, or for curatorial projects. These awards assist in removing some of the financial barriers faced by our students, helping them reach their full potential while being recognized for academic excellence, achievement and leadership.

Library Enrichment Fund

Donations to this fund support the highest priority needs for the UVic Libraries, as identified by the University Librarian.

Digital Initiatives Fund - Library

Countless stories of local and international research value might have been lost without UVic's efforts to collect and share them. Only through digitization can we provide global public access in the 21st century.

McPherson Library Special Collections Fund

As UVic develops internationally recognized holdings, it is our donors who are critical in building these rare collections and helping us improve accessibility to these materials for the entire community.

Library Materials Conservation Fund

UVic Libraries collect, preserve and make accessible scholarly material, such as books and maps, to students, faculty and community borrowers. Preservation of library material is an ongoing mandate. A gift to help conserve library materials will be gratefully accepted.

New Funds

Whether you want to help a student, support a specific academic discipline, or help advance a digital initiative, establishing a fund is a fantastic way to support what you hold most dear. With a named fund, you can create a legacy in your name, honour the memory of a loved one or pay tribute to family members, colleagues or friends.