With In the With Out exhibit

“RIGHT NOW, Afro-Surreal is the best description to the reactions, the genuflections, the twists, and the unexpected turns this "browning" of White-Straight-Male-Western-Civilization has produced.”
(Call It Afro-Surreal, D. Scot Miller, 2009)

With In the With Out is an art exhibition by BIPOC artists, curated by Liya Tensae. This exhibition asks artists how aspects of their personhood interact with the larger world. The exhibit creators explore how existing as “others” is inherently subversive to the paradigm of the “White-Straight-Male-Western-Civilization,” finding liberation within that subversion.

"I believe that within this absurdity there is liberation! A freedom to define ourselves as we see fit, a freedom to let yourself be fluid, to explore and imagine ourselves and our lives beyond the means and expectations of the dominant society."

When: April 2 - 8, 2024, during library operating hours

Where: Mearns Centre for Learning - McPherson Library, main floor

Who: Artworks by the following artists: Angel Yu, Waylon Asp, Elias Kotuba, Sohee Hong, Jasper Pettman, Sean Sato, Liya Tensae, Pari Hasani, and Rainy Huang.

Read about the art pieces from the exhibit.