New Library Videos of 2016

Alive inside

Explores music's capacity to reawaken our souls and uncover our humanity. Filmmaker Rossato-Bennett chronicles the experiences of individuals - including those with Alzheimer's disease or dementia - who have been revitalized through listening to music.

Daughters of Mother India

Reveals the aftermath of the horrific rape and murder of a 23-year-old medical student in Delhi in December 2012. For weeks, mass protests filled the streets of India and the country witnessed gender consciousness and extraordinary solidarity by ordinary citizens like never before.

Diet of souls

The director seeks out fellow Inuit to help understand the ancient and changing relationship between people and wild animals. Follows tranditional Inuit ways of knowing around the top of the world, looking out on a changing world through the eyes of the circumpolar hunting family, weaving together past and present, art, religion and the testimony of elders.

Elder in the making

"Two young urban dwellers, one a Blackfoot aboriginal named Cowboy and the other a Chinese-Canadian newcomer named Chris, embark on a journey across traditional Blackfoot territory.

Eve and the Fire Horse

Eve is a precocious nine year-old girl with a wild imagination growing up in a traditional Chinese immigrant family in Vancouver where Confucian doctrines, superstitious obsessions and divine visions abound. When Buddhism and Catholicism are thrown into the mix, life for Eve and her 11-year-old prim and authoritative sister, Karena, escalates into a fantasia of catastrophe, sainthood and cultural confusion.

Hadwin’s Judgement

Chronicles the tormented transformation of Grant Hadwin from expert logger to environmental terrorist; a man who dared to challenge the destruction of the world's last great temperate rainforest.

Umi Yama Aida In Between Mountains and Oceans

Haida Gwaii on the edge of the work

Filmed on location on Haida Gwaii at Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve, National Marine Conservation Area Reserve, and Haida Heritage Site, British Columbia.
The natural beauty of this culturally rich archipelago has served as a backdrop for tragedies such as outbreaks of smallpox and the exploitation of natural resources. The Haida Nation remains undaunted, drawing on 14,000 years of tradition in preparing for a showdown over the Northern Gateway pipeline and planning for a more sustainable future.

He named me Malala

Janis little girl blue

Presents rock singer Janis Joplin, telling much of the story through a series of letters she wrote home over the years.