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Legacy Downtown is open!

We are so excited to welcome you back into the downtown gallery.

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Wednesday to Saturday: 10 - 4pm

Legacy Art Galleries safety plan during COVID-19

Following BC’s Restart Plan Phase 2 Legacy Art Gallery (downtown) will be open to the public starting June 17, 2020. In preparation the Gallery staff has developed a thorough workplace and gallery safety plan, which details the protocols we will follow as set by the Provincial Health Office, Work Safe BC and UVic’s Occupational Health, Safety and the Environment guidelines. The following Public Safety Plan outlines how we will protect visitors from the risks of COVID-19 during their engagement with the gallery. The full plan is available as a pdf. View the November 2020 addendum


To open the Legacy Art Gallery (downtown) as a safe cultural site for community audiences to enjoy and learn from art exhibitions.

Assuring Visitor Safety

  1. A sign posted on front door asks visitors to self-assess before entering the gallery according to the self-assessment tool at No one who is sick, experiencing symptoms, or has been travelling internationally within the last two weeks will be permitted in the gallery.

  2. Masks are mandatory in the gallery.

  3. To allow for contact tracing, gallery staff will collect the name and phone number or email address of at least one member of every group of visitors who enter the gallery. This information will be kept for 30 days and then safely destroyed.

  4. Visitors are asked to use hand sanitizer available upon entry.

  5. Signage in lobby and throughout gallery reminds visitors to respect physical distancing of 2 meters while in the gallery.

  6. A maximum of 10 visitors are allowed in the gallery at a time. Staff will manage numbers and encourage people to return later if capacity is reached.

  7. Maximum capacity of interior galleries is posted and managed by gallery staff. Maximum 2 people in Inner Gallery and in under mezzanine space.

  8. Visitors will be greeted and oriented to the space by gallery staff from behind a plexiglas screen at the front desk. They will be shown the floor arrows that will guide them safely through the exhibitions.

  9. As the gallery free to the public, there are no issues with exchanging payment.

  10. Exhibitions are designed with no-touch interaction.

  11. Interior gallery doors are propped open to prevent the need to touch handles.

  12. Prior to coming to work, it is mandatory that each Legacy Gallery staff member self-assess according to the self-assessment tool at: No staff member who is feeling ill or has symptoms will be permitted to enter the gallery.

  13. The gallery receives a deep clean and sanitization each morning. Staff sanitize all surfaces such as handles, knobs, switches and washroom fixtures half-way through the day according to Work Safe BC guidelines: and as needed.

  14. Staff are trained in and follow physical distancing, cleaning and personal hygiene protocol as according to Work Safe BC guidelines Staff are committed to all aspects of the gallery’s full safety plan.

  15. There are no in-person events or public programs organized in the gallery until such time that the PHO allows for resumption of mass gatherings. Legacy staff are developing digital resources to augment exhibitions.

  16. Collection Research is currently restricted to digital access at this time. In person collections research/examination by academic and community clients will be on hold until further notice.

  17. We are dedicated to serving you safely. Please let us know if you have any question at or 250-721-6562. Alternatively, the gallery Director can be contacted at

Updated November 2020
Mary Jo Hughes
Director, University of Victoria Legacy Art Galleries

For information on how UVic is responding to COVID-19, please go to