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A photograph of the artists arms and hands making fists and forming a circle.Body Language: Reawakening Cultural Tattooing of the Northwest

Jan 12 - Apr 9, 2022

Legacy Downtown | 630 Yates St.
Lekwungen territory

Curated by Dion Kaszas
Organized by the Bill Reid Gallery of Northwest Coast Art

Body Language is about the reclamation of cultural tattooing in the Pacific Northwest. This exhibition takes an intimate look at historic and contemporary cultural tattooing from the perspectives of 5 Indigenous artists. Body Language explores designs on skin and their relationship to traditional clothing rock art, jewelry, basketry and weaving to provide healing, protection and a sense of cultural knowledge and belonging.

Image credit: Aaron Leon, The Body Language artists during planning meetings at Whistler, 2017.

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A photograph of the exterior of a dilapidated building. Derrumbeat

The Beat of Collapse

Jan 15 - Apr 9, 2022

Legacy Downtown | 630 Yates St.
Lekwungen territory

Curated by Dr. Alexandrine Boudreault-Fournier

In Spanish, derrumbar means to crumble away, to tumble down. Derrumbeat is a sonic collage accompanied by photos and video work created from the audio-visual traces left by falling rocks, pieces of wood, cement and ceramics collected in various abandoned sites in the capital of Cuba, Havana. Derrumbeat calls visitors to listen to the traces left by human passages and presence in an urban environment as time passes. It further encourages listeners to reflect on the rejuvenation of decay and the layers of meanings we can unearth in our own cities.

Image credit: Ained Cala, Derrumbeat.

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