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Still Standing: Ancient Forest Futures

June 25 - Sept 17 2022

Legacy Downtown | 630 Yates St.
Lekwungen territory

Still Standing: Ancient Forest Futures brings together Indigenous and non-Indigenous artists to reflect on our relationship with old growth forests in B.C. from a range of cultural and philosophical perspectives. The exhibition explores the relationships between art, ecology and activism in order to envision futures which honour reciprocal relationships with nature.

Image: Jeremy Herndl, The Black Cedar, 2021.

Out of Place

Solo exhibition by Connie Morey

July 2 - Sept 17 2022

Legacy Downtown | 630 Yates St.
Lekwungen territory

Out of Place delves into the relationships between the ground beneath our feet and the roofs over our heads. Through sculpture, photography and stop-motion projection, artist Connie Michele Morey explores ecological displacement (a colonial separation from the earth as home) and its impact on labour and housing dislocation. The exhibition grows out of tensions embodied in the artist’s mixed settler and Indigenous identity, alongside her personal experiences with housing insecurity. Emerging from travel to over fifty former village and industry sites on the east and west coasts of Canada, Out of Place questions what it means to be at home with the body, community, and earth.

Image: Connie Morey, Roof Over My Head, Slag Heap, Coal Mine #1, K'omoks Traditional Territory (Comox Valley, BC), 2019

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