UVic Law's In Camera Photo Contest Begins

The UVic Faculty of Law’s website is being refreshed and we’re asking you to help us make it both distinctive and compelling. In an attempt to avoid generic law school imagery, we will be crowd-sourcing photos from UVic Law students and UVic Law alumni for our first UVic Law In Camera photo contest.

Please read through the Rules and Guidelines prior to submitting photographs.

Participants are encouraged to submit photos on the In Camera Event page on Facebook between November 1st and November 30th. The best pictures, as determined by “likes” and our panel of judges will receive CASH PRIZES: $100 for the best photo, $50 for the most Liked and $25 for honourable mentions. You’ll also get to see your work on the new website and other publications.

If selected, you will need to complete and submit a Photo License Form in order to claim your prize.

Selected entries will need all people visually identifiable in the photograph to sign and return a Subject Release Form.

Please contact Robin Dirks at weblaw@uvic.ca if you would prefer an alternate method of submitting a photo for the contest.

We look forward to seeing the UVic Law experience through your pictures!