Supriya Routh receives 2 research grants

Supriya RouthSupriya Routh is a co-investigator on a SSHRC Insight Grant with McMaster Faculty of Social Science’s Judy Fudge (Principal investigator) and UVic Faculty of Political Science’s Marlea Clarke (Co-investigator). As part of the Insight Grant, this collaborative project, titled: Transnational Legal Governance, Modern Slavery and Forced Labour in Supply Chains: Canada in a Global Context, will examine how modern slavery laws interact with the complex political, legal and regulatory orders in which they are embedded. This examination will lead to the knowledge that is essential for evaluating whether these modern slavery initiatives can succeed in eliminating forced labour from global supply chains. The project has four specific goals: 1. to identify the actors advocating for a Canadian modern slavery law and the federal government’s response to this pressure; 2. to chart how leading companies respond to state-initiated anti-slavery governance initiatives; 3. to evaluate how worker-driven social responsibility initiative operate; and 4. to understand and assess how the array of modern slavery laws operate in their complex, multi-scalar legal setting. 

Supriya Routh is a co-investigator in an international socio-legal project funded by the French National Research Agency (ANR) (2021-2024) led by Julie Motte-Baumvol (Université de Paris), titled: Social Protection for Ageing Migrants in a Globalized World: Building Bridges between National, Regional, and International Law for Old-Age Pension Rights. This research project will examine social protection for ageing migrants in their origin and destination countries. In particular, the research will analyze legal transfers, cross-fertilization, and hybridization among legal systems entangled in the migrant movements. As part of this project, Supriya will evaluate legal entitlements of migrant workers in India and their international cross-fertilization.