UVic Law PhD candidate Ben Isitt to launch Russian translation of his book

UVic Law doctoral candidate Ben Isitt will be travelling to Vladivostok, Russia to release the Russian translation of his book, From Victoria to Vladivostok: Canada’s Siberian Expedition, 1917.

The book illuminates a forgotten chapter in the social and military history of Canada, Russia and the world—the deployment of 4,200 Canadian soldiers and armies from a dozen countries during the Allied intervention in the Russian Civil War. It highlights debates over foreign policy, a forgotten mutiny in the streets of Victoria in December 1918, as well as the contentious social relations in the Russian Far East during the period of the Bolshevik revolution and civil war.

Isitt began researching this topic as an undergraduate student. He presented an early version of the results in his BA Honours Thesis in 2001.