Prof Gillian Calder’s edited book on polygamy is published

Congratulations to Professor Gillian Calder on the publication of her co-edited collection (with Lori G. Beaman), Polygamy’s Rights and Wrongs:  Perspectives on Harm, Family and Law (Vancouver: UBC Press, 2014).

Contributors to the volume approach the question of polygamy from a diversity of disciplinary and geographic locations and include UVic Law’s Rebecca Johnson and her mother, Arta Johnson, our former colleague Benjamin Berger, UVic political scientist Avigail Eisenberg, Martha Bradley-Evans, Angela Campbell, Margaret Denike, Frances Morphy and Jennifer A. Selby. 

The press describes the book as follows:

"Assumptions about the harmful nature of polygamy have left little room for debate, with monogamy coming to represent a hallmark of advanced societies, and polygamy the immoral alternative. Yet in this volume, eleven scholars ask whether this condemnation is justified by examining, among other perspectives, the lived experiences of polygamous families. In essays that fearlessly face difficult questions of choice, dignity, and love, the authors seek to complicate a conversation that is more often simplified. Thoughtful and persuasive, Polygamy’s Rights and Wrongs is both a close consideration of polygamy and a challenging reflection on the ways in which we value family and intimacy."

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