New environmental law casebook by Chris Tollefson




 Environmental Law: Cases and Materials, Third Edition


In this new edition of Canada's leading environmental law text, Professors Doelle and Tollefson provide a fully updated and much expanded treatise that will be welcomed by students, practitioners and environmental professionals alike. It includes a comprehensive collection of cases, articles, commentary, notes and questions and covers a broad range of topics, including:


  • International Environmental Law
  • The Common Law
  • Jurisdiction over the Environment
  • Environmental Regulation
  • Compliance and Enforcement
  • Judicial Review of Environmental Decision-making
  • Federal Environmental Assessment
  • Parks and Protected Areas
  • Species Protection
  • Climate Change

This third edition covers the current state of federal, provincial, commonwealth and U.S. environmental law.

Additional information: Table of Contents (PDF)
Meinhard Doelle and Chris TollefsonEnvironmental Law: Cases and Materials, 3rd ed. (Thomson Reuters, 2019)