Professor Liao joins the Philippe Kirsch Institute Advisory Network

Professor Carol Liao has been invited to serve as a member of the Advisory Network of The Philippe Kirsch Institute. The Institute is named for the Canadian lawyer and diplomat who served as the first President of the historic International Criminal Court in The Hague. Its premiere faculty of judges, lawyers, and academics offers the highest quality professional development opportunities to lawyers across Canada, helping them meet their mandatory annual requirements in such areas of practice as human rights, constitutional, civil, international, and transnational law.

The Institute was created to support an important charity, the Canadian Centre for International Justice (CCIJ), to which its profits will flow. The CCIJ helps survivors of war trauma and torture seek redress against their abusers as part of a global movement to end impunity for the most serious violations of international human rights.

The Institute’s new Advisory Network will advise the senior staff of the Institute and Board of Directors of CCIJ.