About CSPT

Student opportunities

Cultural, Social and Political Thought (CSPT) students experience many opportunities to benefit their research and intellectual development:

  • Expand your knowledge of contemporary and classical theoretical frameworks.
  • Discover avant-garde engagements with pressing issues facing a globalized and diverse world in the digital age.
  • Develop a solid theoretical, analytical, and critical foundation for your empirical research activities.

Our community

We have an active, engaged and cosmopolitan program community. Our students play a key role in the CSPT program, including organizing colloquia, contributing to the CSPT Annual Student Conference and participating in program committee activity.

Current students and alumni include international students from Brazil, Germany, the US and Iran. Many of our faculty bring experience from appointments abroad or have strong international research connections.

Diverse foundations

CSPT faculty members herald from a range of disciplines including Anthropology, English, History, Political Science, Environmental Studies, French, Germanic and Slavic Studies, and Sociology. The CSPT program is dedicated to cross-disciplinary engagement in such areas as:

  • international relations theory and globalization;
  • political theory and philosophy;
  • Marxist and post-Marxist thought;
  • post-structuralism and deconstruction;
  • literary and aesthetic theory;
  • political ecology and ecofeminism;
  • approaches to social movements;
  • post-humanism;
  • theories of sovereignty, governmentaiity, the State, and the city;
  • feminist thought, gender/sexuality studies, and masculinity theories;
  • surveillance studies;
  • and phenomenology.


The CSPT program upholds the values of fairness, equity and inclusiveness. It promotes a collective space built on collegial relations, friendship and egalitarianism among its faculty and students.