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CSPT students partake in the a range of activities in a democratic, egalitarian, and participatory manner.

1. Democratically elected student representatives sit on the CSPT program committee (consisting of faculty and student representatives).

2. Student-organized CSPT colloquium series committee: in coordination with the director, organize four to six colloquia between October and March of every academic year. Each colloquium features a member of CSPT faculty or a student at the latest stages of their degree (usually while writing thesis or dissertation). The colloquium presenters speak of their research and engage in dialogue with their audience.   

3. Student-organized CSPT annual student conference committee: in coordination with the director, organize this one-day student conference, held in late April. The  committee is responsible for every aspect of organizing conference to the last detail—from booking rooms and ordering food, sending out the call for papers, screening submissions, and organizing the panels, to inviting a keynote speaker from outside UVic as well as a speaker for the plenary address from UVic faculty.

4. Students are encouraged to present papers to scholarly venues and conferences. The CSPT program usually gives students a small travel grant for conference presentation.