CSPT Annual Graduate Student Conference

UVic CSPT Grad Student Conference: Gayatri Spivak presents (2015)

Dr. Gayatri Spivak speaking at 'Human Being Human' (May 2015)

Each year a collective of CSPT students conspires to organize a graduate conference in line with a particular theme, movement, problematic, or impulse that they feel speaks to their particular moment and circumstance.

This year's conference will use a critical and interdisciplinary approach to explore the theme of:

Indeterminacy: Un\Knowing a Body in Space

May 5 - 7, 2017

"We invite participants to consider the following questions: what space is your body suspended within as a researcher? Is definition or placement even possible? Where does the impetus of your research reside? What borders does your work cross, and what limits does it approach? This year, the CSPT conference will showcase research that straddles disciplines in the humanities, social sciences, and fine arts, investigating thinkers who exist or existed on the margins of society. What philosophers, theorists, writers, or artists have written from and about a liminal space? We are calling for unanchored ideas that refuse to lay still."

Keynote Speaker: Ivan Coyote (author and storyteller)

Organized by Kira Boyko (MA, English), Rachel Lallouz (MA, English), Paige Thombs (MA, History), and Jonah Clifford (MA, Political Science).

For more information, please see the Call For Proposals or visit our Facebook Event page

Past Conferences

2015/16: 'Nihilism.Hope'
Keynote Speaker: Michael Truscello (Mount Royal University)
Endnote Speaker: Francis Abu-Febiri (Camosun College)
Organizers: Galina Scolnic (MA, Sociology), Russell Elliott (MA, Sociology), and Tim Charlebois (MA, Political Science)
Call For ProposalsScheduleEvent Program, and Event Poster

2014/15: 'Human Being Human'
Keynote speakers: Gayatri Spivak (Columbia U.) and Glen Coulthard (UBC)
Organizers: Philip Cox (MA, English); Susan Kim (MA, Political Science); Yusuf Saadi (MA, English)
Event PosterProgramWebsite, and Call for Proposals

2013/14: 'Thinking as a Way of Life'
Keynote Speaker: Dalie Giroux (U. Ottawa)
Organizers: Julian Evans (MA, Political Science); Guillaume Filion (PhD, Political Science); Jasmine Liu (MA, Political Science); Nick Poole (MA, Political Science); Kim Smith (MA, Sociology)
Event PosterProgram, and Call for Proposals

2011/12: ‘In/Coherence: Expression, Translation, Violence’
Keynote Speaker: Bruce Braun (U. Minnesota)
Event PosterProgramWebsite, and Call for Proposals

2010/11: ‘thinking politically’ (a workshop)
Pre-Seminar Facilitator: Timothy Murray (Cornell U.)
Event Program and Website

2009/10: '(inter)disciplinarities: the “new relationality”?'
Keynote Speaker: Mark B. Salter (U. Ottawa)
Event Program and Call for Proposals

2008/09: ‘(inter)disciplinarities: theory & crisis’
Keynote Speaker: Ricardo Dominguez
Event Program