Career options for Religion, Culture and Society

Emma Woodhouse on the UVic campus
Emma Woodhouse says many aspects of culture and life are tied to religion and spirituality. Understanding this can help better prepare you for a career in any field.

What can I do with a degree in Religion, Culture and Society?

Knowledge of religion and spirituality enhances your understanding of the world. A Religion, Culture and Society degree allows you to explore and gain insight into how religious beliefs and practices shape and influence society. It can sharpen your critical thinking skills, and give you new perspectives to become a more understanding and empathetic citizen.

Co-op for Religion, Culture and Society students

Co-op helps you start building your career while you're still at university. It's designed to work around your academic courses, so you'll complement what you're learning in class with practical workplace experience.

Co-op enables you to try out a range of jobs before you graduate; gain work experience and skills; and make connections with employers. And you get paid for the experience! 

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Some career options for Religion, Culture and Society graduates

  • Activist
  • Aid worker
  • Community activist
  • Conservation officer
  • Cultural programmer
  • Intelligence officer
  • Librarian/archivist
  • Marketing officer
  • Medical professional
  • Negotiator
  • Office administrator
  • Policy analyst
  • Public relations officers
  • Reporter/journalist
  • Research analyst
  • Social worker
  • Speech writer
  • Spiritual health specialist
  • Teacher/professor
  • Writer/editor

Additional education and training may be required.

More information from UVic Co-op + Careers (pdf)

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