Eligible electives

Customize your program with electives from many other departments! These eligible electives let you look at religion from many different perspectives.

Program requirements

  • Students in the major program must take 3 units of eligible electives at the 100 or 200 level, and 9 units at the 300 level or above selected from RS courses or the eligible electives
  • Students taking a minor or general program must take 6 units of eligible electives at the 300 level or above

Art History and Visual Studies




Greek and Roman Studies


Hispanic and Italian Studies

Medieval Studies

Pacific and Asian Studies


Policial Science


Additional Eligible Courses

“Topics” courses (especially in English, History and Medieval Studies) will be accepted for credit at the Program Director’s discretion, dependent upon the applicability of the material covered in the course, the approach of the course, and the assignments completed by the student.