Future students

Find your edge with UVic's Medieval Studies Program.

Why Medieval Studies at UVic?

Where can you explore the myths and legends of the Middle Ages, examine 800-year-old manuscripts and learn how to brew mead? In Medieval Studies, of course.

Exploring the Middle Ages brings you face-to-face with philosophy, science, art, literature, community and religion. The richness and diversity of Medieval history and culture call for an interdisciplinary approach. Interesting courses and engaging faculty from several departments are closely involved in the program.

Our program aims to expand its exploration and examine new definitions of the Middle Ages in a global and non-Eurocentric world. Looking at intercultural exchange rather than conflict, at trade routes rather than battles, our program departs from traditional narratives and seeks to reinvent the discipline.

Opportunities for study and research

Enhance your undergraduate studies through research projects and events.



Undertake a research project under the mentorship of a faculty supervisor and receive a Jamie Cassels Research Award.

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Students studying together

Present your research and learn about your peers' research at the Medieval Studies Course Union's Undergraduate Conference.

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Contribute your research and writing to the Medieval Mapping Project.

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