Language in the Present (LiP): Program up and registration open

The UVic Linguistics Department is proud to be hosting the "Language in the Present" (LiP) workshop, Septeber 26-27, 2015, at the University of Victoria.

The LiP workshop highlights the diversity and vitality of Indigenous languages. "Language in the Present" focuses on contemporary expressions of Indigenous languages in conversation, personal stories, and song. The aim is to bring together linguists and language activists to explore the methods, applications, and impacts of documenting these modes of linguistic expression. From the perspective of language activism, language in its live and lively forms can connect Indigenous people to their heritage and their communities. Documenting everyday forms of communication, besides supporting language teaching and learning, reinforces Indigenous languages' enduring relevance in today's world. From a linguist's viewpoint, conversations, personal stories, and songs dramatically enrich the record for linguistic analysis and theorizing beyond more usual sources in the formal language of traditional narratives and decontextualized words or sentences. For all, the workshop celebrates the centrality of Indigenous vernacular language for sharing life and ways of being in the present.

The workshop program is now up, and registration is open. We look forward to see you all here in less than a month!

The workshop will open with a plenary talk by Dr. Larry Kimura of the University of Hawaii Hilo, and features a presentation by the First Peoples' Cultural Council of British Columbia. The workshop will be framed around three panel discussions:

(1)               Documenting Conversation: Exploring How and Why

  • Andrew Cowell (University of Colorado Boulder)
  • Dale McCreery (University of Victoria)
  • Olivia Sammons (University of Alberta)
  • Alice Taff (University of Alaska Southeast)

(2)               Documenting Personal Stories: Exploring How and Why

  • Maxine Baptiste (University of Arizona / En’owkin Centre)
  • Peter Jacobs (University of Victoria)
  • Trish Rosborough (University of Victoria)
  • Mark Turin (University of British Columbia)
  • Andrea Wilhelm (University of Alberta / University of Victoria)

(3)               Documenting Song: Exploring How and Why

  • James Crippen (University of British Columbia)
  • Margarent Noodin (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee)
  • Laura Tutcho (University of Victoria)
  • Siri Tuttle (University of Alaska Fairbanks)

There will also be an evening program celebrating contemporary expression and language in the present, with performances by Indigenous storytellers and singers, including:

  • Art Napoleon
  • Fibbie Tatti
  • Butch Dick and the Unity Drummers

Check the LiP website for more detailed information soon, and/or contact us at