Upcoming: Experimental Phonetics Poster Session

Join us for the 10th annual Experimental Phonetics Poster Session!

When: Wednesday April 8th,1:30-3:30pm

Where: Clearihue C108

What: Snacks! And a great line-up of poster presentations:

Acoustic Presentation of Drag Queen Identity
Rory Cleator
Like OMG: Phonetic realizations of “like” in Victoria English
Alex Cuerpo
The Specific Unspecificity of the Polish Nasal /N/: An Ultrasound Tongue Contour Analysis
Ethan Dinnen
“Tongue Reading”: Visual Interpretation of Arabic Consonants
Jasmine El Gazzar
Molson, Budweiser, and Speech Perception
Caleigh Farrow
Acoustic Correlates of Sarcasm
Amy Godfrey
That Lying Feeling
Aleana King
Seeing Red: The Influence of Colour on Speech Acoustics
Monica Kuun
Uvuless: The Articulation of Uvular Sounds Post-Uvular Excision
Christiana Moser
Acoustic features of Punjabi Backchannels
Laura Petersen
Speeded perception of accent
Jahnnie Shaw
Dear Icelandic Aspiration, Where Are You?
Victoria Simmerling