Judy Payne award

Judy Payne Memorial Award

One or more awards, of at least $1,000 each, are given to undergraduate students who are:

  • a declared minor/general, major or honours student in the Latin American Interdisciplinary Studies Program or the Latin American Literary and Cultural Studies Program, and
  • enrolled in the upcoming Summer Session or Winter Session, or who were registered in the previous academic Winter Session, in a Latin American Studies Experiential Learning class.
    Part-time student are eligible (min. 6.0 units).

Approval of the recipient(s) is made by the Senate Committee on Awards upon the recommendation of the Faculty of Humanities.


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Dr. Judy Payne came to the University of Victoria in 1991 when she was appointed to the Department of Hispanic and Italian Studies as an Assistant Professor and with the publication of her book plus numerous articles she achieved early promotion to the rank of Associate Professor with tenure a few years later.  With the Department made up of colleagues whose research focussed on Spain, she was hired into a new position as a Latin Americanist, whose task was to establish and spearhead a Major and Minor Program in Latin American Studies through outreach to colleagues with similar interests across the University community.  These programs, which Dr. Payne pioneered, now live on within the separate unit of Latin American Studies in the Faculty of Humanities.  She also served as Chair of the Department of Hispanic and Italian Studies for one year in 2000-01, finalizing two Graduate Programs, one in Hispanic Studies and another in Hispanic and Italian Studies.  She took early retirement in 2002 and returned to Kentucky, where she lived in old Louisville.  She died suddenly from post surgery complications on October 16th, 2020.  Although she had been away from Victoria for 18 years, her friends and ex-colleagues continued to stay in contact, a testimony to this extraordinary woman who enriched many lives.

The Judy Payne Memorial Award was established thanks to the generosity of her colleague and friend, Lloyd Howard, former chair of the Department of Hispanic and Italian Studies.