UVic Semester in Greece Program set to start January 9, 2017 in Athens, Greece

From 9 January – 28 March, 2017 Dr. Burke will lead 10 UVic undergraduate students on a new kind of teaching program for the Department of Greek and Roman Studies. The students will live at the Canadian Institute in Greece hostel in central Athens for two months, until the end of February. During that time, they will take three UVic courses covering Aegean Bronze Age archaeology, the Topography and Monuments of Athens, and a course in Byzantine Art and Architecture. After these classes end, students will begin GRS 395: Classical Studies Abroad, which is a travel-study program that Dr. Burke has led for UVic since 2007. This course will bring the group to Crete, northern Greece, the Peloponnese and Boeotia. They will see a great many parts of Greece not often visited by tourists. This program and the courses taught are part of the normal educational curriculum of the Greek and Roman Studies Department at the University of Victoria.