Archaeological Field Work Opportunities – Summer 2017

Two University of Victoria Professors from the Department of Greek and Roman Studies will offer students the opportunity to participate in faculty-led research and contribute the excavation of two important sites. For six weeks starting in early May, students can work with Dr. Alejandro Sinner at his excavation at the Roman site of ancient Ilduro (Cabrera del Mar, near Barcelona, Spain). More details can be found here:

From May 28-July 8, 2017 students can also work with Dr. Brendan Burke on his project in central Greece, excavating ancient Eleon. The website, with application materials, can be found here:

Both projects offer students 3.0 Units of UVic credit (GRS 495) and the opportunity to excavate ancient remains. Transfer credit for non-UVic students is possible for qualified students. Please contact the professors in charge or the Department of Greek and Roman Studies.  

GRS 495 Field School