Department Seminar: Professor Sabrina Higgins, Friday, 3 Nov. @ 2:30 pm, CLE B415

A public lecture hosted by the Department of Greek and Roman Studies at the UVic will be presented by:

Sabrina Higgins (Professor, Simon Fraser University) will present a lecture entitled, “To the Virgin We Pray: The Spatial and Historical Contexts of Marian Art in Egyptian Monasticism.”

This talk contextualizes the iconography of the Virgin Mary within the framework of Late-Antique Egyptian Monasticism. It situates the creation of a visual culture associated with the Virgin within its historical parameters, particularly highlighting the relatively late appearance of Marian imagery on the chronological axis of Christian Art, and examines the unique spatial considerations for the placement of these images. In doing so, the talk highlights the diachronic appearance of particular Marian iconographies, while also demonstrating that particular images were localized to specific areas within a monastic setting.

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