Department Seminar: Prof. Greg Woolf, Friday, 9 Feb. @ 2:30 pm, Univ. Centre A180

A department lecture hosted by Greek and Roman Studies at the UVic will be presented by:

Professor Gregory Woolf (University of London, Institute of Classical Studies, School of Advanced Study, Professor of Classics and Director of the Institute of Classical Studies) will present a departmental seminar as part of the Lansdowne Lecture Series presented by the University of Victoria’s Department of Greek and Roman Studies. He will present a lecture entitled, "Material Diasporas and How they Formed Mediterranean Societies."

Professor Greg Woolf’s areas of expertise include the history

and archaeology of the ancient Greek and Roman worlds at the

very large scale. His scholarly achievements include agenda setting

works on Roman rule and native cultures in Becoming

Roman: the Origins of Provincial Civilization in Gaul (1998) and

Tales of the Barbarians: Ethnography and Empire in the Roman West

(2011). He focuses on tyranny and civil society in Et tu, Brute? the

Murder of Caesar and Political Assassination (2006) and the Roman

empire in comparative perspective in Rome: an Empire’s Story

(2012). Dr. Woolf’s Lansdowne Lectures will reflect his current

research interest in the movements of peoples and ideas in the

Mediterranean world.

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