CAVI Lecture: Professor Sabrina Higgins, Thursday, 2 Nov. @ 7:30 pm, CLE A212

The third meeting of the 2017-18 Academic year will take place on Thursday, 2 November at 7:30 pm in Clearihue, A212.

Professor Sabrina Higgins (Professor, Simon Fraser University) will present a lecture entitled, “Sanctuary and Survival at Golemo Gradiste: Use and Re-Use of a Late Antique Church in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.”

Abstract: In the southeast corner of the Late-Antique province of Dardania lies an abandoned settlement at the centre of which is a large Christian Basilica and an associated residence. Although the church was barely in use for a century before approaching "barbarian" tribes caused the site to be abandoned, the church enjoyed a prosperous existence, fashioned with all of the accoutrements of a rural provincial church. While several of its architectural oddities may be explained by the presence of a well-travelled bishop or architect, it is the life after the initial destruction of the church that has furnished some of the most interesting questions regarding its re-use. This talk, therefore, explores the life of this church in its prime, but also the destruction and subsequent phases of re-use, both as a place of shelter for the surviving town-folk and as an intramural burial site for several of its residents.

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