CAVI Lecture: Professor Bruce Robertson, Friday, 10 Nov. @ 2:30 pm, DSB C122

The fourth meeting of the 2017-18 Academic year will take place on Friday, 10 November at 2:30 pm in David Strong Building, C122.

Professor Bruce Robertson (Mount Allison University) will present a lecture entitled, “Four Digitally-Supported Research Opportunities for Undergraduates in Classics.”

Enthusiastic undergraduates often want to make a research contribution to their field, but until recently in Classics this was difficult to arrange. This paper presents four existing projects where undergraduate researchers can right now add to our understanding of the ancient world. While reading an ancient author, they can encode their class' consensus on grammar and syntax using the Alpheios treebanking tool. As early as the first weeks of a course in ancient Greek, they can correct digitized Greek with the Lace editing environment. Archaeologically inclined students can transcribe unread lead tags from Roman Siscia, available from the Zagreb Archaeological Museum. Finally, we will look at the Homer Multitext Project, where undergraduates do minute study of highly detailed and complicated ancient manuscripts.

The Classical Association of Vancouver Island is UVic’s organization for people interested in the Greek and Roman worlds. Monthly lectures by local and international scholars take place at UVic.

Everyone is welcome.

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