Our advisors are happy to answer any questions you may have related to programs in Germanic and Slavic Studies and courses.

Want to know which course is appropriate for your level of German or Russian or learn more about our programs? 

For German language course placement, please contact our Undergraduate Advisor (Germanic) in order to discuss a waiver or receiving departmental permission. You can also check Menschen Einstufungstest.

For Russian language course placement, please contact our .

There is a standard form to be filled out by the student requesting the waiver. After filling the form on your computer, please submit it by email to the Advisor or Coordinator of your chosen language.

Are you coming to UVic on exchange and want to take a language course? Ask our respective Exchange and Co-op Coordinators about receiving departmental permission.

If you are not sure which advisor to contact regarding your question, please do not hesitate to contact the Germanic and Slavic Studies General Office for assistance.

Position Contact
Undergraduate Advisor (Germanic) Dr. Helga Thorson
Language Program Coordinator (Germanic) Dr. Matthew Pollard
Exchange and Co-op Coordinator (Germanic) Dr. Helga Thorson
Undergraduate Advisor (Slavic)
Language Program Coordinator (Slavic) Dr. Julia Rochtchina
Exchange and Co-op Coordinator (Slavic) Dr. Olga Pressitch
Honours Advisor (Germanic, Slavic) Dr. Charlotte Schallie 
Work Study Coordinator (for language tutoring)  Dr. Charlotte Schallie
Graduate Advisor (Germanic, Slavic, and Holocaust) Dr. Serhy Yekelchyk