Graduate Courses 2018-19

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Theory and Practice
GMST 502 A01
CRN 21730/SLST 502 A01 CRN 22748
F 12:30  - 3:20 pm CLE D241 Megan Swift

Introduces students to the theories and methodologies that animate the disciplines of Germanic and Slavic studies and may include topics such as professional skills, pedagogy and thesis writing.

Teaching about the Holocaust GMST 583 A01 CRN 21731
M 1 - 4 00 pm, CLE D 241 Charlotte Schallie

Introduces teaching approaches, methodologies and scholarly discourses in Holocaust Education. Analyzes a broad range of primary and secondary sources (oral testimonies, literature, film, mixed media art, photography and graphic novels), and discusses how they can be used in various educational settings both in Europe and North America.

GMST 599
CRN 21731

Course title, term, sections, days and time, classrooms and instructor
Short course description

Introduction to the disciplines in Germanic and Slavic Studies
GMST 501 A01
CRN 11870/SLST 501  A01 CRN 12898 
Wednesdays 10:30 am - 1:30 pm, CLE D241, Elena Pnevmonidou

An introduction to the research specialities that make up Germanic and Slavic Studies: literary and cultural studies, film studies, cultural history and second language acquisition. May include sessions on how to write a research grant proposal, do sophisticated library research, prepare a bibliography and write a thesis proposal.

Adorno, Benjamin and Frankfurt School Critical Theory

GMST 565 (x GMST 465)

A01 CRN 11871 T 4:30 - 7:20 pm CLE D134 Elena Pnevmonidou

Explores Frankfurt School Critical Theory through the cultural context of Weimar modernism through the fascist period to Germany in the 1960s. Emphasis on Benjamin and Adorno/Horkheimer, but also covers aspects of Hegel and Marx as well as philosophers of the second generation of the Frankfurt School. Juxtaposes the theory with relevant examples from media, film, avant-garde and popular music and also includes forays into the poetry and writings of Hölderlin, Kafka, Brecht, Celan, and Enzensberger.

The Holocaust
GMST 580 A01
CRN 11872
Monday 2:30 - 5:20 pm, CLE B315, Kristin Semmens

Examines the origins, progression, central characters and legacies of the Nazi genocide. Focuses on Jewish experiences of Nazi terror and investigates how Nazi racial policy targeted other social and ethnic groups. Considers the post-1945 representation of the Holocaust in film, museum exhibits and memorials.

Twentieth-Century Genocides in Eastern Europe
SLST 581  A01CRN 12899 Thursdays 2:30-5:30 pm CLE D139
Serhy Yekelchyk

GMST 599 CRN 11873/SLST 599 CRN 12900

GMST 587 Practicum in Holocaust Studies Instructor Helga Thorson
GMST 589 I-witness Field School (graduate) Instructor Helga Thorson
GMST 599 Thesis
SLST 599 Thesis