Program requirements

All students entering the MA program in Germanic and Slavic Studies must take the following foundation courses:

GMST 501/SLST 501 - Introduction to the Disciplines of Germanic and Slavic Studies (Fall)
A broad introduction to the sub-disciplines and research specialties in Germanic and Slavic Studies, including literature, language pedagogy, cultural history and film studies. Students will hear from faculty members about their training and research methodologies. The course includes workshops on preparing major funding applications and creating a thesis proposal.

GMST 502/SLST 502 - Theory and Practice (Spring)
Building upon the groundwork laid in 501, students will be given more in-depth exposure to the diverse research areas and methodologies that make up Germanic and Slavic Studies and will improve professionalization skills such as writing paper abstracts, giving mock conference papers, devising course lesson plans and doing guest teaching.

In addition to these two foundation courses, students must complete another 4 courses (6 units), two of which may be upper level undergraduate courses and two of which may be taken outside the department. Students must also register for GMST 599/SLST 599 (Thesis) for an additional 6 units. The thesis should be a minimum of 70 pages. In exceptional circumstances, students may take 6 units of course work and complete a thesis of at least 100 pages, worth 9 units.