Wondering whether you should take a course with us? First-year student Makari Espe talks about her experience in GNDR 100 (formerly WS 104).
Gender studies courses were life-changing. They made me see the world in a new way and question all of the assumptions I had held. The courses were academically challenging but allowed for a creativity that other disciplines did not foster. The multidisciplinary approach enriched all of my academic life.
Survey response from gender studies alum

Gender studies (GNDR) courses cover a variety of topics, issues and perspectives.

Small class sizes

Classes are relatively small. Even first-year, introductory courses have a maximum of 50 students. Fewer students mean more opportunities for class discussions and interactions, and more personal contact with instructors.

Course credits for non-gender studies programs

Some gender studies courses can be taken for credit as part of these programs: Social Justice Studies (SJS), Indigenous Studies (IS), Film Studies (FS), Technology and Society (TS), Human Dimensions of Climate Change (HDCC), Applied Ethics (AE), Health and Society (HS), and the Intercultural Education (IE) diploma.

Of course, you can take GNDR classes as electives.

Current offerings

Please note that we can't offer every course each year. Go to Current courses to see the current/planned offerings and schedule.

For a complete list of gender studies courses, consult the UVic Academic calendar.