Faculty profiles

Dr. Astrid Brousselle

Director and Professor
Office: HSD A302a
Dr. David Castle

Admn Leave (Jan 2021)
Dr. Jill Anne Chouinard

Associate Professor and Graduate Advisor
Office: HSD A320
Dr. Rob Gillezeau

Assistant Professor
Cross-Listed Appointment
Office: BEC 374
Dr. Tamara Krawchenko

Assistant Professor and Academic Undergraduate Advisor
Office: HSD A326
Robert Lapper, QC

Lam Chair in Law and Public Policy
Office: Faculty of Law: FRA 220
Dr. Richard Marcy

Assistant Professor
Office: HSD A370
Dr. Tara Ney

Associate Professor
Office: HSD A316
Dr. Katya Rhodes

Assistant Professor
Office: HSD A314
Dr. Lynne Siemens

Associate Professor
Office: HSD A324
Dr. Kimberly Speers

Assistant Teaching Professor
Office: HSD-A354