Undergraduate programs

The undergraduate programs will help you in a range of areas that are important for managers and administrators in government and non-profit organizations.

Choose your options from among two diploma programs, five post-baccalaureate Professional Specialization Certificates, and a Minor in Public Administration (for current University of Victoria undergraduate students).

You can complete and graduate with your Diploma in Public Sector Management or Local Government Management and then transfer those courses toward a Bachelor of Public Administration through BC’s Thompson Rivers University.

Our diploma programs are designed for active professionals working in all levels of government. Students bring a wealth of experience to courses while building new skills and competencies. We offer three diplomas, each with a unique focus and exciting career possibilities.

Study where you live

Think you can’t afford the time or funds to earn a diploma? Our diploma programs are offered online. You can earn a diploma from home while meeting your work and personal responsibilities. Your developing skills and expertise can be put to practice immediately, in your own work environment.

Transfer to Thompson Rivers University - Bachelor of Public Administration

Upon completion of a Diploma in Public Sector Management or Local Government Management, students can transfer their courses to the Bachelor of Public Administration Program at Thompson Rivers University.

The Professional Specialization Certificates are designed for mid-career professionals who have already completed a Bachelor's degree and are preparing to advance their careers by studying a particular management issue.

We offer Professional Specialization Certificates on the following topics:

  • Local Government Management
  • Public Policy and Governance
  • Public Sector Management
  • Voluntary and Nonprofit Sector Management

You can earn a Professional Specialization Certificate in as little as one year. We accept new students in September, January and May.

Each certificate consists of a mixture of four core and elective courses (6 units). While we cannot offer transfer credit, course substitutions are permitted if you have already completed a required course (or equivalent).

Transferring to a diploma program

Upon admission to either the Diploma in Public Sector Management or the Diploma in Local Government Management Program, students who hold a Professional Specialization Certificate may transfer up to four courses (6 units) into the diploma program. Students will be required to meet the Diploma requirements by completing a further six courses (not duplicating courses already taken in the Certificate).

Study where you live

Think you can’t afford the time or funds to earn a certificate? Our certificate programs are delivered online. You can study from home while meeting your work and personal responsibilities. You will put your newfound knowledge and expertise to practice immediately, in your own work environment.

The Minor in Public Administration is designed for students, enrolled in other undergraduate programs at UVic, wanting a broad view of the public and/or non-profit sectors, including applied policy, public sector management, or local government management. By completing as few as six courses, you can go on to work in governments at the federal, provincial or local level.

Combining a Minor in Public Administration with your major opens the door to real and immediate career options. Adding a co-operative work term to your degree brings that career one step closer.

A Minor in Public Administration will help you:

  • understand the role, growth, and importance of governments and the non-profit sector in British Columbia and the rest of Canada
  • gain knowledge of managerial theory
  • apply management theory in work situations to deliver effective and efficient service
  • learn the skills and tools to analyze and communicate complex management issues
  • create, recommend and implement solutions to management problems
  • learn new study skills with online courses

Co-operative education

Students can apply classroom knowledge in a variety of government and non-profit working environments, refine your job search skills and make valuable professional contacts, while getting paid for your work.