Name Expertise

Hassan Arif, Adjunct Professor

Sociology of law, urban development, environmental sociology

FGS Associate Member: Student Co-supervisor

Michael Atkinson, Adjunct Professor 

Contemporary governance, public administration public policy, political corruption and political ethics, K-12 education policy, fiscal rules and governance

FGS Associate Member: Student Co-supervisor

Herman Bakvis, Adjunct Professor 

Federalism, comparative public policy, party and election financing, minority government, coalition government: implications for governance, policy and intergovernmental relations, governance challenges

FGS Associate Member: Student Co-supervisor

Maria Barnes, Adjunct Assistant Professor

Public sector management

FGS Associate Member: Student Co-supervisor

Tracy Byrne, Adjunct Assistant Professor

Social and health policy and practice

Sean Darling, Adjunct Assistant Professor 

Program, Project and investment Management. Small business growth and regulatory reform. Policy development, implementation and evaluation of strategic policy initiatives.

FGS Associate Member: Student Co-supervisor

Peter R. Elson, Adjunct Assistant Professor

Non-profit (government) policy, management, leadership; social enterprises; and grant-making foundations

FGS Associate Member: Student Co-supervisor

Budd Hall, Adjunct Professor  

Community-Based participatory research, social responsibility of higher education, knowledge democracy, social movement learning and the UN Sustainable Development Goals

FGS Associate Member: Student Supervisor

Jennifer Hall, Adjunct Assistant Professor  

Program and policy development, local government project planning and implementation

FGS Associate Member: Student Supervisor

Yvonne Harrison, Adjunct Assistant Professor 

Non-profit leadership, evaluation

FGS Associate Member: Student Co-supervisor

Newman Lam, Adjunct Professor

Economic development strategies, performance measurement civil service reform, public budgeting, public pension, information theory and systems

John LangfordAdjunct Professor

Ethics in government, Canadian government and politics, machinery of government

Nikki Macdonald, Adjunct Assistant Professor

Ocean policy, transboundary governance, public policy and decision-making, narrative analysis, governance, Canadian politics

FGS Associate Member: Student Supervisor

Jim MacGregor, Adjunct Professor

Organizational behavior, human information processing, information retrieval, problem solving

FGS Associate Member: Student Supervisor

Jim McDavid, Adjunct Professor

Program evaluation, performance measurement and performance management, and local government

FGS Associate Member: Student Supervisor

Victor (Vic) Murray, Adjunct Professor

Non-profit leadership, evaluation

FGS Associate Member: Student Supervisor

Robert Newell, Adjunct Assistant Professor

Community climate action; integrated planning

FGS Associate Member: Doctoral Student Co-supervisor

Tara Ney, Adjunct Associate Professor 

Collaborative decision-making processes, systems, and governance; redress processes, social healing and trauma; and discursive approaches to policy analysis

FGS Associate Member: Student Supervisor

Terry Poucette, Adjunct Assistant Professor    

Traditional Indigenous governance and practices in contemporary Indigenous governance, role of indigenous women in self-governance, decolonization and nation rebuilding, First Nations’ economic development

FGS Associate Member: Student Co-supervisor

Carol-Anne Rolf, Adjunct Assistant Professor

Leadership, strategic planning, policy and legislation

Rajesh Tandon, Adjunct Assistant Professor

Democratic governance, civic engagement, civil society, governance and management of NGOs, participatory research and people-centered development

Co-UNESCO Chair with Budd Hall

Sam Weller, Adjunct Assistant Professor

Public financial management (esp. Local Govt.)

Veda Weselake, Adjunct Assistant Professor

Indigenous relations, federal government/Indigenous relations
Name Contact Information

Robert (Bob) L. Bish, PhD Indiana

James Cutt, PhD UofT

Herman Bakvis, Adjunct Professor

Lynda GagneAdjunct Assistant


Budd HallAdjunct Professor

Centre for Global Studies
Educ Psychology & Leadership
Public Administration

SED Room C189

John J. Jackson, PhD UofA

Jim MacGregor, Adjunct Professor

Jim McDavidAdjunct Professor

Tara Ney, Adjunct Associate Professor

Hartmut (Hart) J. Will, PhD Illinois

Name Contact Information
Hassan Arif 

Maria Barnes

Ottilia Berze 

Sean Broadbent

Ryan Bortolin 

Rob Buchan 

Natasha Caverley
Elsie Chan

Derek Cockburn

Jennifer Hall

Peter Johnson 

Harish Jagannath 

Monique Lacerte

Kristen Mikkelsen 

Ellie Parks

Brant Popp

Aureleo Reyes
Roya Rouzbehani

Kathryn Stuart

Brian Vatne

Thea Vakil 

Tara Williamson