Apply to the Master of Nursing program

By including the UVic School of Nursing in your choice of programs to apply for, you are choosing a school that has offered graduate education by distance learning in nursing since 1990.

Master of Nursing (NP/NP Post-Degree and NUHI Double-Degree):

Applications Open:
September 1

Applications Close:
December 1

Document Deadline:
December 31

Master of Nursing (APL & NUED):

Applications Open:
September 1

Applications Close:
February 1

Document Deadline:
March 1

Master of Nursing (INDW):

Applications Open:
April 4

Applications Close:
April 26

Document Deadline:
April 30

Applicants must also meet all general regulations of the Faculty of Graduate Studies.


  1. A completed baccalaureate in nursing that is equivalent to the degree offered by the University of Victoria is required. Applicants must have at least a B+ (77%) average calculated over the last two years (or equivalent; 30.0 UVic units) of the degree considered. The following are not used in the calculation of the admission grade point average:
    • Practica
    • Non-graded courses
    • Credit based on life experiences
    • Credit earned at institutions not recognized by the university
  2. Registration as a practicing nurse with the regulatory body for the jurisdiction where you live. Applicants for admission to the Nurse Practitioner and the Nurse Practitioner Post-Degree must reside in British Columbia and maintain active practicing registration with the BCCNM for the duration of the program. It is strongly recommended that you have at least two years of full-time nursing practice in your chosen area of concentration.
  3. Prerequisite Courses: Courses can be in progress at the time of application, but must be completed by July 31; prior to the September entry.
    • An upper-level (300 or 400) undergraduate statistics course from a recognized post-secondary educational institute, with a final grade of B or higher. Must be completed within 5 years of the applicant's entry point into the program. This is required to ensure you have adequate preparation for the two required research courses in the MN program.  
    • An interactive Indigenous cultural safety course for health providers within 5 years of application (e.g., PHSA San'yas Indigenous Cultural Safety Training)

Required Documents

Applications must be complete and submitted on time. We recommend starting the application process early.

Online application

Begin your online application using "My UVic Application". If you need help with this system please contact Graduate Admissions and Records. 250-472-4657  

Only apply for a single program option ( e.g. APL, NUED, NP Post-Degree, or NUHI). Multiple applications will not be reviewed.


Upload unofficial transcripts of all degree and coursework.

You must provide updated transcripts, even if you provided them in a previous application year. 

Evidence of prerequisite course completion

Submit proof of prerequisite course completion. These may be unofficial transcripts and/or a copy of your Indigenous Cultural Safety course completion certificate. Courses may be in progress at the time of application but must be completed by July 31, prior to September entry. 


Submit two assessment reports (references). One must be an academic reference. The second may be a professional or an academic reference familiar with your work. Enter the names and email addresses of your references into the online application. Your references will receive an automated email with instructions on submitting their assessments. It is essential to notify your references in advance to confirm their willingness. References have the option of submitting a letter of reference in addition to the assessment form sent by the online application system. 

Personal statement

Submit your personal statement through the online application. The personal statement offers the opportunity to reflect upon your preparation and goals in pursuing a Master of Nursing degree. It provides the selection committee with evidence of your knowledge, commitment, and experience in pursuing the MN degree and a formal writing sample.  

General guidelines: 

Essay style (narrative form), typed double-spaced, standard margins with a 500 word maximum.

For addtional instrcutions onteh personal staement, please refer to 

the personal statment guidelines for APL

the personal statement guidelines for NUED 

the personal statement guidelines for NUHI

the personal statement guidelines for INDW

the personal statement guidelines for NP and NP Post Degree

(Optional) Addiontally, you may attach a short sample of your professional or academic writing to your personal statement i.e. excerpt from a journal article, formal report, etc.

Employer reference (Double Degree only)

Double Degree applicants only. Submit (1) employer reference form from someone in a direct supervisory role. Contact for the form and instructions. 

Re-application letter (only if re-applying)

If you applied in a previous year, you must provide an in-depth letter showing actions taken to strengthen this new application over the previous one. The letter must be typed, double spaced, with standard margins, and no longer than 2-pages.

UVic –BCIT Graduate Pathway

The UVic School of Nursing and the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) offer the UVic-BCIT Pathway.  Students holding a bachelor of nursing degree and a BCIT Advanced Certificate in Specialty Nursing may receive transfer credit to the UVic Master of Nursing program. Qualified applicants will receive 4.5 units of block credit upon admission to the Advanced Practice Leadership or Nurse Educator options. These credits will satisfy the elective course requirements.

Important Notes

Admission to the Master of Nursing program is competitive. Meeting admission requirements does not guarantee entry to the program. Recommendations for admission are for a particular program option and start date, and cannot be deferred. If you decline your offer of admission, you must re-apply.