UVic Nursing Research

The UVic Research Unit is centred on three objectives: Pioneer and generate new ideas about pedagogy, advocacy, leadership, and research; connect, collaborate and communicate with partners, communities, and civil society on those topics; and support and sustain innovation. 


Nurse and patient in blood-pressure exam


December 3, 2018
I recently met with UVic Nursing Professor Dr. Debra Sheets. She has an exciting new project called Ease e-Home. She is working with geriatrician Dr. Marilyn Malone to use Amazon Echo in homes of people who have mild cognitiveimpairment. They are trialing it...
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Teaching Peer Review

February 25, 2018
A Collaborative Venture Engaging a Community of Teachers at the University of Victoria, School of Nursing By Jeannine Moreau, RN, BSN, PhD; Karen MacKinnon, RN, MScN, PhD; Coby Tschanz, RN, MN, PhD (c)Peer review of one’s teaching and learning (TL) practices...
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