Student success

To get the most out of your UVic education, you'll need to seize the initiative and give everything your best effort. When great opportunities come along, you'll want to put your hand up and make sure you don't miss out. And when life gets to be a bit too much, you'll find all of your friends, family, and teachers waiting to help.

Your experience at UVic is entirely what you make of it, but you're not alone. We'll be by your side from the moment you arrive until the day you graduate.

See what success means to us, and imagine the possibilities waiting for you at UVic.

Ann-Bernice Thomas

Ann-Bernice Thomas, Victoria's 2016 Youth Poet Laureate

Hear how Ann-Bernice found her voice at UVic and become Victoria's Youth Poet Laureate.

Meet Ann-Bernice

Breezy Beaudry

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Learn about Breezy's experience conducting high-altitude research on Mount Everest.

Meet Breezy

Devesh Bharadwaj

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Discover how Devesh is harnessing renewable energy by mixing saltwater and freshwater.

Meet Devesh

Paul Kim

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Read about Paul's award-winning research into immunotherapies with the BC Cancer Agency.

Meet Paul